Department of Psychology


The Department of Psychology of Saint Joseph's offers students a diverse, exciting, and challenging curriculum and both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The broad range of courses provides opportunities for understanding Psychology as both a scientific and a corporate discipline. The Department's focus is on relevant, current research and the application of that research in experimental, clinical, counseling, health care and corporate settings. The full spectrum of activities and concerns of psychologists are covered, with consideration given to ethical issues.

We offer a traditional full-time undergraduate BS degree program, a full-time graduate MS program, as well as a 5-year combined BS/MS degree program emphasizing experimental psychology with a focus on the fields of behavioral neuroscience, clinical psychology and neuropsychology, behavioral pediatrics, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology.

Students can also minor in psychology, complete departmental honors requirements, and minor in education in order to obtain Teacher Certification for Secondary Schools.