Department of Psychology


Graduate students work closely with their departmental mentor within a specific discipline (neurosciences; social, clinical psychology, developmental, cognitive psychology; neuropsychology; learning and conditioning; gerontology). Each student is required to complete an empirical study as a program requirement. Below is a list of previous student master's theses:

Buckley, DP Mirrors and Other Management Techniques That Reflect the Successfulness of Flamingo Breeding.
DiGuiseppe, A Impact of Bedtime Routines on Sleep in School-Aged Children.
Duggan, MR Investigating the Relationship Between Corticosterone and Personality in M. undulates.
Gallagher, N Can Attitudes About STEM in Children be Changed Through the Use of Toys?
Gray, MJ How the Entitled Individual Perceives Others.
Gunter, PW Arousal, Interoception, and Anger.
Hachey, E Gender In-group Bias in Prosocial Behaviors: Would You Help a Friend?
Lehman, C The Effects of Entitled Advertising on Person Perception.
Tulio, SMeasuring Average Fidelity of Visual Short-Term Memory Using Object Orientation.
Zuppe, AN Conservatism and Out-Group Prejudice as Facilitated by Disgust Sensitivity.
Alio, CN The effect of co-rumination content on mood.
Boyle, JT Relationship Between Technology and Sleep in College Students.
Laughlin, CP Laterality in Humboldt penguins (spheniscus humboldti).
MacDonald, DS Examining Emotional Intelligence and Entitlement in the Workplace.
Messina, K Disgust as a Deterrent to Appetite.
Pageau, M Challenge and Flow: The Influence of Visual Stimulation and Information Processing on Time Perception.
Pagnotti, DR Trait Entitlement and Reactions to Social Exclusion.
Walsh, A Benevolent Sexism and Reported Disgust and Fear Sensitivity.
Chary, MC Hormonal Effects of Paternal Care of Male and Female Offspring.
Dissinger, E Similarity Among Shapes Does Not Increase Interference in Long Term Visual Memory.
Harders, EA The effects of gratitude on stress generation in romantic relationships.
Lam, SC Studying Enrichment and Play in Captive Caribbean Flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber).
Lester, JD Imagery, Anxiety and Touching Something Disgusting.
McCulloch, RC The Unique Role of Fathers in the Care of Offspring.
Phillips, AE Dissecting the Relationship between Disgust, Interest, and Curiosity.
Reeves, PA An Examination of Novelty Preferences and the Memory Capabilities of Terrestrial Isopods, Armadillidium vulgare and Porcellio leaves.
Scalice, SMThe effects of helicopter parenting on problem-solving ability.
Vitrano, D The Effect of Divided Attention on Multiple Object Tracking Performance.
Wilson, D The Effect of Self-Enhancing Advertising on Intergroup Bias.
Zambrano, D Infant Sleep in Low-SES and Minority Families: Relationship to Maternal Cognitions and Behaviors.
Barstead, MG Casual Attributions as Predictors of Reactions to Rejection by a Friend.
Bascom, K Gender Differences in Implicit and Explicit Measures of Disgust.
Binns, KL Directional Transformations of Shapes and Perceived Shape Similarity.
Cameron, NC Establishing the Equivalency Between the Desktop and Online Versions of ImPACT.
Hamilton, CM Integration of Visual Shape Information During Change Detection.
Moynihan, B Children's Perceptions of Teacher Effectiveness in a Pedagogical Context: The Influence of Positive and Negative Evidence.
Park, GH To Sleep or Feed?: Effect of Sleep on the Continuation or Discontinuation of Breastfeeding.
Peluso, AI Lateral Feeding Behavior and Scratching Preference in Relation to Social Behavior in Captive Caribbean Flamingos.
Puzino, KM Presleep Cognitive Arousal in Adolescents and Young Adults with Chronic Pain.
Royer, EA Social Dominance in Captive Caribbean Flamingos Phoenicopterus ruber and The Relation to Pair Bonding and Physiological Measures of Health.
Shaw, S Using Odor to Understand Disgust in Autism.
Adams, AL Attributions of Blame for Women as Victims and Perpetrators of Lethal Domestic Violence.
Bouchard, LC Gender Difference in Stress Generation: Examination of Personality, Cognitive, and Behavioral Predictors.
D'Angelo, K Judgments of Entitled Behavior as a Function of Trait Entitlement and Perspective Taking.
Dianno, NM Making Sense of the Contributions of the Interpersonal Risk Factors in Stress Generation.
Herdmann, KJ The Use of Representativeness in Preschool Age Children.
Kurzeja, V The Effect of Emotion and Arousal on Elicited Eyeblink.
McGraw, JM The Effects of Nicotine on Novel Object Preference While Monitoring Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Rats.
Patton, AK Capacity and Interference in Visual Memory for Same and Other Race Faces.
Perelman, BS Detecting Third Party Deception via Eyeblink Modulation.
Robinson, PA Behavioral Lateralization and Social Behavior in the Northern Bald Ibis.
Rutigliano, JV Sleep in College Students: Sleep Hygiene and Lifestyle Factors.
Fortunato, L The Effect of Social Presence on Shape Learning.
MacTurk, K Parental Attitudes Towards Childrearing: Relationship to Parental Beliefs and Practices Concerning Literacy in West Indian Parents.
McVey, JL The Effects of Green and Positive Odor on Stress Recovery Time.
Paullin , MW The Effect of Stress on Vigilance Towards Disgust.
Posey SM The Effect of Concussion History and Self-Reported or Actual Motor Symptoms on Baseline Neurocognitive Functioning and Balance Performance.
White ME A Daily Diary Study of the Gender Differences in Co-Rumination, Depressed Mood and Stress Events.
Ailstock, KA The Effect of the Maternal Experience on Novel Object and Location Recognition in Female Rats.
Demarest, SC Between and Within Gender Differences in Association of Prenatal Androgen Exposure Measured in Finger Length Ratio with Aggression and Empathy.
Herron, PB The Influence of Gender Trait Identification of Women on Their Evaluation of Women As Leaders.
Lacey, SM The Effect of Verbal Clues on Visual Memory.
Layton, WB The Effects of Predatory Stress on Novelty Preference in Rats.
Mattschei, CE Effects of Hormonal Contraception on Baseline Cognitive Performance in High School and College Athletes.
Roberts, M Sex Differences in Romantic Jealousy: Implicit Versus Explicit Feelings Toward Partner and Rival.
Tanenbaum, JB The Psychophysiological Effects of Caffeine and Anxiety on the Human Stress Response.
Williams, SA The Effect of Pair Bonding on Neck-Rest Preferences in Caribbean Flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber).
Beltz, A A Cross-Sectional Examination of Gender Difference in Attachment, Religiosity, and Self-Esteem in the College Years.
Banach MJ Assessing Binge Drinking Behaviors Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior and the Prototype Willingness Model.
Benedetto G Personality & "Reality-TV".
Cessna, TC The Addition of Emotional and Memorable Factors to the Semantic Differential Scale Does Not Help Explain the Multi-Demensional Representation of Odors.
DeYoung, SE Mortality Salience and Dehumanization. How Does Self-Esteem and the Cultural Worldview Influence Perceptions of Humanness of Outgroup Members in Response to Reminders of Death?
Forino, TL Effects of Emotionally Evocative Imagery on Human Eye Blink Frequency.
Gibney, B The Validation of Millisecond Timing Accuracy in Computer-Based Tests.
Holmes, GF The Effects of Parental Attachment, Sibling Attachment, and Gender.
Klimas, DB Concurrent Object Learning in Rats Using a Transitive Inference Paradigm.
Reamy, AM Adolescents' Perception of Tobacco Prevention Education.
Savage, MD Comparing Automatic / Focused Pulling in Children and Adults with Trichotillomania.
Vaghari, SN Entitled to Buy: Does Advertising with Entitled Messages Prime Overconsumption?
Velazquez, SG The Effects of Relationship Status on Gender Differences in Perceptions of Friendly Behavior.
Westin, AML The Stress-Smoking Relationship in African American Adolescents.
Cilia, LA Latinos' Use Of Early Formal Care And Education: Relationships To Parental Beliefs About Literacy And Language Development.
Glossman, M Assessment Of Attitudes Towards Potential Criminals In The Context Of Terror And Mortality Salience.
Hopson, J Sleep Patterns Of Residentially-Based Adolescents With Autism.
Jablonski, SA A Longitudinal Investigation Of Novelty Reaction And Impulsivity In Rats From Infancy Through Adulthood.
Jacques, NM Construct Validity And Gender Schematic Thinking: Their Effects On The Misperception And Oversexualization Phenomena.
Kissinger, B Effects of Social Anxiety On Self-Esteem: The Impact Of Contingent Interaction.
Markowski, LA The Effects Of Visual Prestimulation Of Varying Durations On The Amplitude Of The Rat's Acoustic Startle Reflex.
Milowicki, A The Relationship Between Attachment And Dating Aggression: An Examination Of The Role Of Poor Emotion Regulation.
Troffo, E The Roles Of Personality, Behavior, And Gender In Stress Generation.
Welte, THL Is Environmental Conservation Behavior Perceived As Low-Status?
Edwards, K Characterizing a phenomenon: discovering the parameters of light-enhanced startle through manipulation of light intensity, light duration, and interstimulus interval.
Krystopolski, M A comparison of perceived coaching behaviors in varsity collegiate athletes.
McCarthy, M Perception of body position in space.
Melville, A The effects of parental monitoring and race on adolescent smoking.
Pilecki, A The effects of non-justified video game violence on the evaluation of self and others.
Stulak, C Eye movements, attention, and memory accuracy: Examining positive, neutral, and negative photographs in collages.
Thao, B Cultural indicators in predicting emotion expression and psychological well-being: An examination of ethnicity, self-construal, and acculturation.
Jay, K Attitudes and behaviors that predict motorcycle helmet use: A look at voluntary helmet use in pennsylvania after the 2003 repeal.
Bresani, E The effects of viewing non-violent media on nonverbal behavior.
Levandoski, LJ Validity and feasibility of the 24-hour sleep patterns interview: A pilot study.
Mancini, C Paternal alcoholism and personality characteristics as predictors of outcomes in young adulthood.
Marziani, B Individual versus team association in simulation-based learning: a terror management perspective.
Nuber, A Gender differences and similarities in television language and word use.
Russo, K Quantifying change: Scene perception & perceptual blindness.
Solarino, N Catholics as collectivists: An examination of separation-individuation, college adjustment, and career indecision.
Sucharski, N Relationship between poor effort and baseline performance on ImPACT.
Yegla, L Use of physical and relational aggression among students in coed and single-sex schools.
Chirdo, J Dissatisfied and looking for alternatives? An investigation of the relationship between patient satisfaction with traditional medicine and use/interest in alternative medicine.
Daltry, R The impact of female athletic identity on gender role conflict.
Duguid, ZA Skin tone bias and the perception of criminality.
Levin, S The effects of affective images presented subliminally on the human eyeblink reflex.
Masci, C The influence of gender and attractiveness on juror decision-making.
McComb, J Effects of posttraumatic seizures and antiepileptic drugs on functional outcome following traumatic brain injury.
Mocadlo, L Maternal employment attitudes among African American and European American mothers of infants.
Mullins, J Male body dissatisfaction over the lifespan.
Palumbo, J Effects of previous concussions and sport type on baseline neuropsychological testing in college athletes.
Ryan, T Sleep distrubances and posttraumatic stress symptomology in foster care children.
Scotto, K Sexually impositional behavior in the laboratory: Is there a continuum of severity?
Sharman, JThe Effectiveness of Computer-based Instruction on Learning and Retention.
Simoni, LLanguage competence at 36 Months: Relations with attachment, security, and the home environment.
Basheer, RTerror salience versus mortality salience in the perception of moral transgressions and acts of heroism.
Blair, KVerbal memory deficits in children following temporal lobectomy.
Comboni, KJThe effects of varying light duration within the light-enhanced startle paradigm.
D'Amour, AParental attachment, pressure to achieve and eating disorders in college females.
Driesbaugh, JPriming intimate relationship expectancies through film.
Dugan, LThe effects of birth order and family size on school readiness.
Filmyer, TAn evaluation of school support groups for newly relocated adolescents.
Funk, SThe ecology of kith and care.
Heitzer, JEffect of apomorphine and estrogen on prepulse inhibition in the Sprague-Dawley rat strain.
Lovinsky, JInfant sleep problems and the relationship to infant-mother attachment.
Manley, KSleep patterns and sleep disorders of ventilator dependent children.
McLaughlin, JPerceived attachment style, separation anxiety, and disordered eating in college women.
Powell, BThe psychophysiology of spirituality and music.
Putz, BCross-validation of measures used for computer-based assessment of the effects of cerebral concussions.
Siedlecki, MAPavlovian conditioning of nicotine tolerance to an olfactory stimulus.
Smith, DSleep habits of adopted children.
Stahl, J The effect of violent media on cooperative language.
Young, EThe relationship between parenting styles and HIV/AIDS at-risk behaviors in a college population.
Bernacki, MThe impact of service learning curriculum on moral development and moral orientation.
Cooper, MThe influence of extralist cue strength on the part-set cuing effect.
Dolfi, JDo race of defendant and crime severity influence mock juror decision-making?
Ferrarelli, KSelf-focus in coping: The short- and long-term effects of confrontational writing on mood and health.
Fitzgerald, BPavlovian conditioning of nicotine tolerance to a tactile stimulus: a comparison of multiple CS durations.
Kanauss, KClinicians' perceptions of the effects of managed care on the clinical practice of neuropsychology.
Shames, NRThe effect of exposure to media portrayals of ideal body images on body dissatisfaction, mood, and self-esteem across gender.
Sullivan, KClassical conditioning of nicotine tolerance to caffeine.
Agnew, COvershadowing of interoceptive and exteroceptive cues in associative nicotine tolerance.
Allen, RRelationship between spirituality and coping with chronic illnesses.
Barker, SThe use of Myers-Briggs Typology to enhance cohesion and performance of sports teams.
Baskett, JValidation of a scale to assess satisfaction with obstitricians and midwives through the birth process.
Brigidi, BDCognitive processing of competing sources of threat and positive word stimuli: use of a modified visual dot probe task.
Bilik, JFactors affecting sleep problems in infants.
Devlin, KREffect of Thiamin deprivation & restoration on the acoustic startle response.
Feeko, KThe effects of the manipulation of category-exemplar associative strength on the part-set cuing effect.
Giles, METhe effects of message framing on osteoporosis preventive behaviors: the role of optimism.
Gray, TImpact of self-regulation relaxation therapy with guided imagery on the stress and health.
Gregory, SThe role of empathy in reducing negative stereotypes.
Harkins, ETeachers' language and negative impressions of elementary school children.
Henshaw, MLSelf-awareness and self-regulation: an intervention for athletes with eating disorders.
Holstein, J Justification of media violence and its effects on perceptions and behaviors.
Kyle, KPre-Injury education and occupation variables as predictors of outcome following Traumatic Brain Injury.
LaMonica, SAcademic achievement attributions as a function of target smoking status, target gender, and participant smoking status.
Litarkis, SThe increased analgesic effect due to shorten time of latency.
Madrak, VMThe effect of changes in nicotine dose expectations on conditioned nicotine tolerance in rats.
Merolli, CPart-list cuing with intralist, but not extralist cues.
Newman, HAttributions, empathy, and impressions of the elderly.
Popowicz, JThe Spirituality-Religiosity Beliefs Scale.
Raffa, DEnhancing the discrediting of an eyewitness.
Schulgen, DMExpectant parents' sleep habits and sleep disturbances.
Smith, AEffects of pulse duration on whole-body startle reflex amplitude in the rat.
Tiz, RBlocked presentation, but not forewarning instructions, reduce the false memory effect.
Bishop, CSleep habits of internationally adopted children.
Burke, LSleep-wake patterns of children with autism.
Costa, DThe role of media crime coverage in engendering victim blame.
Driscoll, JLInhibition of the glabella reflex by gaps in noise: objective and subjective indices of gap detection.
Ercolani, MEffect of number of conditioning trials on development of associative tolerance to nicotine.
Fragnito, MComputer-based assessment of malingering.
Greenly, DDifferences in temporal acuity in auditory function of the preferring/nonpreferring and Wistar Alcohol Naive Rats using reflex inhibition by gap prestimuli
Holton, M Crime severity does not influence the effects of incriminating pretrial publicity on verdicts.
McGee, MThe effect of levels of processing and number of lists on false recall and recognition.
Miller, RAn alternate path to the threatened egotism theory.
Moleski, MThe classical conditioning of exercise to nicotine tolerance.
O'Brien, ESleep and risk-taking behavior in adolescence.
Orlando, TMeasuring object versus location-based attention.
Paskalis, J-PEffect of testosterone propionate on extinction-induced aggression in the castrated male Sprague-Dawley rat.
Shoch, NEffects of physical attractiveness and pretrial publicity on mock jury verdicts.
Simasek, HSleep patterns of twins: Examination of monozygotic and dizygotic twins' sleep.
Cecere, JA tripartite analysis of college students attitudes towards homosexuality: the impact of exposure, religiosity, and gender.
Cramer, MBody dissatisfaction across age and gender: function vs. appearance.
Ellis, SMusic as a startle reflex modulator.
Ford, EEffect of interoceptive stimuli in the Pavlovian conditioning of nicotine tolerance.
Hughes, LFactors affecting neuropsychological assessment following traumatic brain injury.
Hostutler, RSPrestimulus inhibition of the human eyeblink reflex by a perceived shift in laterality.
Lauer, AReflex modification in elderly adults using gaps in white noise.
McKeever, CIRemedial effects of continuance on influences of pretrial publicity.
Moran, KThe impact of education on sleepy driving in young adults.
Muir, HLTailoring nutritional messages to individuals' health locus of control beliefs: an intervention to promote dietary change.
Paprzycki, DVariations in auditory gap depth and detection thresholds in young and old adults.
Vogel, RWPavlovian conditioning of nicotine tolerance to an auditory stimulus.
Allen, MSource misattributions with recall & recognition tests applied to the eyewitness testimony paradigm.
D'Andrea, KSThe media's effect on eating behavior.
Franke, NDifferences in self-identity as a function of state manipulations of self-attention and dispositional self-consciousness.
Hughes, FHCarrier intensity, signal-to-noise ration, and duration of auditory gaps interact in the inhibition of the rat's acoustic startle reflex.
Johnson, BThe effects of Special Olympics on attitudes towards Mental Retardation.
Kardisamenos, KJuror recall is influenced by misleading post-event information.
Knowles, JCEvaluation of the extended parallel process model as a predictor of college males' performance of testicular self-examination.
Long, MAImpression management as a factor in cigarette smoking behaviors of college students.