Department of Psychology


Psychology Minor (applies to Class of 2016 and beyond)

The minor in psychology requires 6 courses:

* If you have already taken PSY231, it may be substituted for PSY120. Beginning in Fall 2015, PSY231 is restricted to psychology majors.

Students are encouraged to declare a psychology minor as early as possible in order to get advice on course selections that make the most sense for their academic and career goals. Students are also encouraged to complete the first 3 requirements before attempting the 200-level psychology electives.

If you wish to declare a psychology minor, please complete the Minor Form and bring it to Post Hall 225 for review with Dr. Shih. Please make an appointment with her by clicking here. She can also be reached at if you have any questions or concerns.

Requirements for Departmental Honors

Faculty of the Psychology Department encourage students to participate in the Honors program. Students may take any psychology course for honors credit. A contract is negotiated between student and faculty member on what additional work is to be done for honors credit. Students who seek departmental honors must complete either two semesters of Independent Research or two semesters of Independent Study. More detailed information can be found on the SJU Honors Program website.