Department of Psychology


The Department of Psychology offers a clinical concentration of courses in support of those Saint Joseph's Psychology majors who are interested in pursuing careers in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and related mental health fields. Psychology majors are eligible to take an additional sequencing of courses to gain greater understanding of the field of clinical psychology. The goals of the clinical concentration are:

Completion of all 6 courses listed below is required to earn the designation of "Clinical Concentration" on your transcript (note: courses with * can double-count towards the psychology major requirements).

  1. PSY 200* Personality Psychology
  2. PSY 231* Developmental Psychology
  3. PSY 232   Abnormal Psychology (pre-requisite for PSY 300 and PSY 301)
  4. PSY 300   Clinical Psychology
  5. PSY 301   Psychological Assessment
  6. PSY 390* Internship

To declare the clinical concentration, complete this form and turn it into Dr. Shih's mailbox (Post Hall 229).