Department of Psychology


Undergraduate Admissions

Students wishing to apply to Saint Joseph's University should contact the admissions office, through the Saint Joseph's University homepage.

Graduate Admissions

Students applying to the Graduate Program in Psychology are required to have completed a bachelor's degree with either a major or minor in psychology. For those students without a psychology major/minor, a minimum of twelve undergraduate credits in psychology (including courses in Introductory Psychology, Research Methods, and Statistics) must be completed. All applicants will be asked to submit:

The deadline for applications is March 1st, with rolling admissions thereafter. Applications received after March 1st will be considered only if there is space available. Students with an undergraduate GPA below 3.25 may be admitted on a probationary basis. A non-refundable deposit equivalent to one graduate credit, which is applied to tuition, is required upon the student's acceptance of admission.

Interested applicants should apply online and also fill out the Psychology Graduate Program Application Insert.

Click here to apply online.

Click here to download the Recommendation Form.

Graduate Admissions: 5-Year BS/MS Program
Undergraduate psychology majors at Saint Joseph's who apply for the five-year combined BS/MS program will be evaluated for acceptance into the program following the completion of the first semester of the junior year. These undergraduate applicants will be asked to submit a complete undergraduate transcript, two letters of recommendation/reference, and an essay describing their interests and goals of graduate education in psychology. The deadline for applications is March 1st, with rolling admissions thereafter. Acceptance into the five-year program will not affect the Core Component or the University Distribution Requirement of the General Educational Requirement. Students applying to the 5-year BS/MS Program should use the same forms listed above.